Headlight Release 2009.05.25

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Several cool features in this Headlight release. Click any item for more information, screen shots and videos.

NEW FEATURE: Automated Delivery Reminders

Many people call to ask “Hey, when’s my next delivery?” You can provide answers 24/7/365 and reduce inbound calls by using email reminders instead. Customers first receive a personalized email invitation. After accepting the invitation, they can update reminder preferences any time using a personalized web page.

NEW FEATURE: My Calendar

Let your customers access delivery schedules online at any time. It includes a professionally designed PDF calendar perfect for printing. No need to hand out new schedules every time the delivery route changes.

NEW FEATURE: Suggest Routes

Anyone in the office can instantly identify the best routing for a new customer, will call or emergency delivery. After approving the suggestion, print a one page map for the driver.

NEW FEATURE: Estimated Arrival Time

Lookup any customers and see approximate arrival times for the next delivery.

NEW FEATURE: Dashboard Notices

This keeps everyone informed of important Headlight announcements, updates and new features.


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