Routing API: Optimize Daily Routes

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This allows 3rd party applications to use Headlight to optimize daily routes and retrieve the results. The billing system, CRM or driver handheld devices can be updated with the optimized routes before the routes are run in the morning. It’s a convenient way to automate the process of optimizing routes every day. Endpoint The endpoint […]

Smart Sync Developer Instructions

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Every HeadlightTM account includes a secure FTP dropbox for receiving customer, delivery and product information. The Headlight Data BridgeTM checks your dropbox every night and performs a “smart synchronization”.

Smart Sync User Instructions

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This tutorial explains the process for updating Headlight using Smart Sync files. We recommend weekly updates for most industries with prescheduled delivery routes, but consider making daily updates when new accounts are added frequently. Enable Smart Sync Before importing files the first time, Smart Sync must be part of your Headlight plan and enabled. Just […]

Smart Sync Automation

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Every Headlight account come with Smart Sync. In order to use this feature, you’ll need to have Smart Sync enabled and some technical information which can be found under Setup.

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