Fixing browser redirection to

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A handful of users have reported being redirected to instead of the correct Headlight login link. The correct URL is and can be typed directly into the URL search area.

It seems to be a caching issue with Chrome and possibly related to the Version 81 release about a week ago that require TLS V1.2 support (or higher). We had one user about three weeks back experiencing the same problem. The beta URL was temporary for public testing prior to the official release. It was deleted yesterday to minimize problems like this in the future.

1. Check whether it works using a different browser works. If you’re using Chrome or Internet Explorer, try Firefox or vice versa. If it directs you to the correct URL, you can reasonably sure it’s a browser URL autocomplete problem. Use the link below to clear any saved instances of (and similar entries) to prevent the browser from using those instead of the correct URL.

2. Our experience is that clearing the browser autocomplete entries will fix the problem. I experienced the same issue earlier this week using OSX Chrome Version 81. After deleting the memorized URLS that Chrome likes to fill in automatically AND explicitly typing in the entire correct URL (see above), it eventually agreed to stop redirecting to the beta site and work as expected.

We’re also looking into changing the login link from the public website to point to the correct url to avoid additional problems.

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