Smart Sync

Headlight can easily import customer, delivery and product information from any industry billing system. This minimizes manual data entry and guarantees the Headlight information exactly matches the billing system or CRM.

Smart SyncTMis a universal standard created by MobileIQ that allows vendors to provide the necessary information using a common file format. You can also schedule automated transfers from the billing system on a daily or weekly basis.

Manual Smart Sync

Just use Headlight to upload the customer, delivery and product files exported from the billing system. The Headlight Data BridgeTM checks your secure Headlight dropbox at regular intervals and performs a “smart synchronization.”

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Automated Smart Sync

Customer, route and delivery files are created automatically by the billing system each day.

These file are immediately sent by secure FTP to your Headlight dropbox for processing, so no manual importing or exporting is required.

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Industry Billing Systems

Below is a partial list of industry vendors that fully support the HeadlightTM Smart Sync standard.

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  • adds new contacts to Headlight
  • removes lost contacts from Headlight
  • updates product prices, product quantities and delivery history
  • sends completion email to the Headlight administrator