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Headlight Enterprise Plans

Select the appropriate plan based on number of vehicles

Headlight Enterprise Plans are available for fleets with nine or more vehicles. Monthly charges are $45 for each vehicle being managed. Vehicles can be added or removed from the plan at any time (subject to the 9 vehicle minimum).

Instructions for completing your order

Select 9 vehicle plan  ($405 / month)

Select 10 vehicle plan  ($450 / month)

Select 11 vehicle plan  ($495 / month)

Select 12 vehicle plan  ($540 / month)

Select 13 vehicle plan  ($585 / month)

Select 14 vehicle plan  ($630 / month)

Select 15 vehicle plan  ($675 / month)

Select 16 vehicle plan  ($720 / month)

Select 17 vehicle plan  ($765 / month)

Select 18 vehicle plan  ($810 / month)

Select 19 vehicle plan  ($855 / month)

Select 20 vehicle plan  ($900 / month)

Select 21 vehicle plan  ($945 / month)

Select 22 vehicle plan  ($990 / month)

Select 23 vehicle plan  ($1,035 / month)

Select 24 vehicle plan  ($1,080 / month)

Select 25 vehicle plan  ($1,125 / month)

Steps for completing your order

  1. Select an appropriate plan based on number of vehicles
  2. Complete all the billing information as requested and click "Submit Order"
  3. After your order information is validated, the next step is creating a Headlight account. Just complete the form with your preferred username and password.
  4. Headlight will automatically login to your account the first time.
  5. Two separate emails will be sent automatically. The first is a purchase receipt for your records. The second email contains your Headlight username, password and login instructions. Print or save a copy of this for future use.

    Note: If you don’t receive both emails, please check your spam folder or junk mail. You might also want to add to your valid email list.

How many vehicles, contacts, orders, service calls or deliveries can I route?

Each plan has different limits. If you need more capacity, please contact us.

Can more than one person use my account?

Sure. You can either share a single login or choose a plan that includes multiple users. These are setup by email invitations send by the account administrator. However, for security reasons, there can be only one administrator for each Headlight account.

Are there extra charges for additional users?

No. Pricing is based only on the specific plan, not the number of users.

How do I learn to use Headlight?

Click on the “Help” link for a complete list of support resources. These include the Guided Tour, Quick Start 101, video tutorials and email announcements. The company blog is updated regularly with new features, articles and other information related to route planning.

Do you have technical support?

Of course. Click on the Feedback tab, send an email or call us. Support is provided by email and phone. You can also attend online workshops, training course and live events such as webinars and teleseminars.

Is this a long term commitment?

Nope. The service is billed monthly and can be canceled at any time. There aren’t any contracts or commitments on your part. We’d love to have you as a customer forever, but understand that circumstances change.

Do you offer any training courses or consulting services?

Yes. We have training classes, workshops, development and consulting, but those are optional and aren’t required to use Headlight.

Can I change plans at any time?

Yes, the administrator dashboard allows you to change plans at any time. Plus, we’ll never hit you up with a “set-up” or extra “one-time” fee when you upgrade.

What types of payment do you accept?

Headlight is billed automatically each month to your credit card on file. We only accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express for payments. You can also prepay in advance by contacting our billing department.

Where can I find our invoices or get a copy of an invoice?

Paid accounts receive a monthly statement by email.

How is customer data protected?

All customer data is hosted at a completely secure site with daily data backups.

Can we buy and install Headlight on our own server?

Headlight is an online hosted service. It can’t be purchased and installed locally. This reduces support costs for our clients and allows us to quickly release new features and enhancements. The only requirement is internet access.