Smart Sync Developer Instructions

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Every HeadlightTM account includes a secure FTP dropbox for receiving customer, delivery and product information. The Headlight Data BridgeTM checks your dropbox every night and performs a “smart synchronization”.

  • adds new contacts to Headlight
  • removes lost contacts from Headlight
  • updates product prices, product quantities and delivery history
  • sends completion email to the Headlight administrator

Instead of simply overwriting the data – which wouldn’t be smart – it adds new contacts, removes lost contacts and intelligently updates existing contacts. This ensures delivery information always matches the billing system, but without the hassle of manually importing files.

Smart Sync File Specifications

Smart Sync Specifications V5 (PDF file)

Smart Sync Example Files

Customer File
Delivery File for water, salt and coffee companies
Delivery File for industrial laundry companies
Product File

Smart Sync Dropbox

Headlight Dropbox credentials for sending files via FTP

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