Welcome to Headlight Quick Start

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Headlight users make daily delivery and service calls in a wide range of industries. Lawn care, private security, auto parts, bottled water, pest control – just to name a few. All of them use Headlight to save hours and miles every day. This Quick Start Program will teach you the same techniques. You’ll know exactly where the drivers are headed, exactly where they’ll be during the day and exactly how many miles will be driven.

Download the Quick Start Outline

Quick Start lets you learn Headlight in an organized manner. Each lesson consists of a brief explanation, short video tutorial (typically 2 to 4 minutes) and a spot for questions and comments. These build progressively, but feel free to dive in anywhere or skip ones that aren’t needed immediately. You can always come back any time for a refresher course.

Most of this information also applies for Prescheduled Delivery Routes (i.e. managing deliveries on a fixed calendar schedule), but there are some differences. If that’s your situation, visit the MobileIQ website for additional tutorials.

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