Updating Product Categories

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Updating Headlight Product Categories

Instead of using multiple SKUs, Headlight allows you to group similar product together. For purposes of route planning, it doesn’t matter what kind of 5 gallon bottles are being delivered. The product file needs to be customized to (a) reflect your preferred product groupings and (b) normalized volume.

The normalized volume makes all products equivalent to a 5 gallon bottle when deciding how much product will fit into the delivery vehicle (e.g. 3 gallon bottle => 0.6 meaning one three gallon bottle takes about 60% as much space as one five gallon bottle.

Some other typical conversions:
Product Type Normalization Factor
3 gallon bottle => 0.6
24 pack case water => 0.7
cups => 0.01 or zero since they don’t effectively take any space in the truck

Example Product Categories

Example Product File

Your product categories might be different than the examples, but should reflect groupings that make sense for you organize the routes. Note the normalization factors being used for various kinds of products.

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