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Headlight can run from any standard browser like Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer, but using the Fleet Manager application takes an extra couple of steps. You’ll need to configure a Remote Desktop Client (RDC) to run Fleet Manager. This free component can be downloaded from Microsoft and the setup instructions are the same for all versions of Remote Desktop Client for OSX.

Note: Click here to Setup Fleet Manager for Windows

Obtain Fleet Manager login credentials

Log into Headlight. Click the Setup link, click the Settings tab and click the Users link. This will display a list of all active users for the Headlight account. The first entry highlighted in grey is the administrator account. You want to write down or copy the username and password from this screen.

Note: If the password says “not enabled”, contact MobileIQ support to configure access to Fleet Manager for your account.

Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac

1. Install Microsoft Remote Desktop from the App Store (click image below)

Click to view Microsoft Remote Desktop in the App Store

2. Click New/Edit to configure a new desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop setup

3. Enter your Fleet Manager login credentials

Microsoft Remote Desktop configure
The Fleet Manager credentials are different that the Headlight credentials (see above). Be sure to put the domain MOBILEIQ before the user name e.g. MOBILEIQ\zdigriz

4. Click Start

If everything is setup properly, you’ll be connected to the Headlight server and Fleet Manager will automatically launch.


Verify the correct user credentials are being used, especially the password. It’s case-sensitive and easy to mistype, so use copy/paste (if available). If you still can’t connect, check with your system administrator and verify your computer is allowed to access remote servers. Many computer networks have security policies that prohibit users from using Remote Desktop Connection to run applications.

Download Links

View Microsoft Remote Desktop in the App Store

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