Google Maps 3 update

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These are the open issues for the Google Maps conversion in order of priority. You may need to refresh the browser window (F5) or clear the cache to see the latest changes. Please submit any new problems using the Feedback tab in Headlight.

Critical Issues

  1. Driving Directions Report displays blank page
  2. Quick Route doesn’t display route hours and distance
  3. Suggest Routes doesn’t work
  4. Add New Contact address matching doesn’t work
  5. Route Filter doesn’t hide accounts on the map
  6. Route Filter by Date doesn’t display route lines
  7. Can’t click on map marker to display Info Window

Open Issues

  1. Info Window | Get Directions doesn’t work
  2. Search Box is duplicated when ‘include all dates’ is checked in the Quick Route dialog
  3. Clicking on unpinned account in sidebar doesn’t display Info Window
  4. Search Box: should be positioned in bottom left
  5. Quick Route displays uses estimated mileage and time
  6. Quick Route doesn’t display street level route lines
  7. Info Window displays with both vertical and horizontal scroll bars
  8. Info Window | Street View tab doesn’t work
  9. Address matching fails when creating or editing depots

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