Quick Start #8: Driving directions and route books

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Headlight lets you print maps, driving directions and delivery instructions for any route day. This is often called a Route Book or Route Itinerary Report when used with larger fleets. This feature is available from the orange Reports tab.

Most companies expect drivers to sequence each day’s order and add special deliveries manually. That takes at least 30-45 minutes each day. Instead, try handing out daily route books with maps and driving directions. You’ll make everyone’s workday shorter, drop the fleet mileage by 20-40% and make things easy for relief drivers (like the office manager!).

First, select a date from the calendar. Headlight will display available routes and total order for that day. You can print route books for any or all of the available routes at the same time. Each route book will appear as a new tab or window (depending on the browser you’re using), so it’s easy to review each separately.

When everything’s ready, just print from your browser.

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