Depots & Routes

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Depots are the starting point for each delivery on the route

Headlight will automatically create new depots using the address information under Setup | Settings | Company. If you have more than one depot, you’ll need to change the address to the correct location.


Each route is assigned a different map marker

Map Markers are the symbols used to display deliveries on the map. Headlight will automatically assign map markers to each route. These can be changed by clicking on any map marker and selecting a different one from the popup. The new map marker will be used imediately.


Add All

Clicking the ‘add all’ link will add any missing depots and map markers to the list. Existing entries won’t be changed. This will also happen automatically when you login to Headlight.

Delete All

Clicking the ‘delete all’ link will remove all existing entries. Since valid depots and map markers will be automatically added during login, this is a good way to clear out unused entries.

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