Alliant Systems releases improved Smart Sync for Headlight

Comments Comments Off on Alliant Systems releases improved Smart Sync for Headlight by on August 16, 2012

Alliant Systems recently added several new features that improve Smart Sync integration with Headlight.

Automatic Export

Instead of manually creating and uploading Smart Sync files to Headlight, you can schedule this task to happen automatically. It guarantees the route information in Headlight will never be outdated because someone forgot to upload new files.

Use Existing Super Groups or Class

Alliant can send your existing product groups directly to Headlight. This will also keep everything in sync as new SKUs are added or removed.

Route Filtering

You don’t always want to see every route in Headlight. It could be a house route, medical, tractor trailer runs or used internally for billing purposes. It just clutters things up in Headlight. This latest release from Alliant lets you choose exactly which routes should be sent to Headlight each night.

For more information on these features or to request an upgrade, please contact Alliant Systems @ 888.513.9293.

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