Upgrading from the Test Drive plan

Comments Off by MobileIQ on September 14, 2009

Every Headlight account starts as a free Test Drive. You can upgrade your account or change plans from within Headlight. Just click Setup, select the Billing tab and follow the instructions. After purchasing a paid plan, you’ll receive an upgrade token by email. This two-step process ensures the transaction takes place securely.

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Introducing MobileIQ’s easy-to-get-started Help area

Comments Off by MobileIQ on September 13, 2009

There’s a lot of Headlight information scattered around the website. Tutorials, blog posts, articles, case studies and many other support resources. What’s been missing is a single place that pulls everything together. And a means to search the available information. And most important, a simple guide to getting started with step-by-step lessons. The new Help area address all of these problems.

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