The right way to evaluate routing software

Comments Off by Chris Sciora on July 29, 2009

Many people send requests along the lines of “Hey, my company is evaluating different routing applications. I’d like to send you some data, have you route it and send it back. Based on that, we’ll make a decision about using the Headlight service.” At first glance, that seems reasonable for both parties. The person gets real-world results and we get a potential customer. The problem? It’s a waste of everyone’s time.

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NEW FEATURE: Unpinned Customer Filter

Comments Off by MobileIQ on July 24, 2009

Quickly identify contacts that aren’t pinned to street address and correct them.

NEW FEATURE: Reorganized Setup Menu

Comments Off by MobileIQ on July 24, 2009

My Info and Setup have been merged into a single item called “Setup”. All account information is quickly accessible from the four main tabs: My Info, Settings, Import/Export and Billing. It’s much easier to navigate.

NEW FEATURE: Import Data Wizard

Comments Off by MobileIQ on July 24, 2009

Importing has been completely overhauled to make importing files quick and easy. After you select a file, Headlight automatically matches fields and flags records that can’t be imported. Smaller jobs are geocoded in real-time, so map symbols appear instantly.

Importing delivery and route data into Headlight

Comments Off by MobileIQ on July 6, 2009

Learn how to import deliveries and service calls into Headlight for route planning.

Using “dummy” stops to change the default routing

Comments Off by MobileIQ on July 2, 2009

Adding “dummy” or “relay” stops is a handy way to fine-tune the routes. You can avoid certain roads and force routes to run a particular way. It also lets you add extra time for heavy traffic, waiting for a train crossing, going through security checkpoints, etc. It’s a great way to handle unusual route planning situations.