Transfer Smart Sync files to Headlight Dropbox using FTP

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The Windows command line FTP client usually doesn’t support passive mode which is required for transferring files to the Headlight Dropbox. The included NcFTP utility supports passive mode. This script can be run manually or scheduled to run automatically using the Windows Task Scheduler.

STEP 1: Install MobileIQ script and sample files

  1. Create folder c:\mobileiq on the billing system server
  2. Click here to download
  3. Unzip into c:\mobileiq\
  4. Update headlight_smart_sync.bat with the current Headlight Dropbox credentials. These can be found within the active Headlight account under Import | Import Smart Sync Files. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the section Headlight FTP Server. Each Headlight uses a different set of credentials, so you’ll need to use the correct connection information.
  5. Update the billing system server firewall to allow outbound FTP connections to

STEP 2: Test headlight_smart_sync.bat

  1. Copy the latest Smart Sync export files into c:\mobileiq\
  2. Run headlight_smart_sync.bat from the Windows command line
  3. Confirm files were transferred to the Headlight Dropbox

STEP 3: Schedule daily task

  1. Schedule daily task to run headlight_smart_sync.bat after hours (8pm – 4am)
  2. Use account credentials that allow daily task to run unattended (after logout)
  3. Run scheduled task manually (testing)
  4. Confirm files were transferred to the Headlight Dropbox

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