Technical Guides

Three short guides with useful tips for reducing driving mileage and fleet costs.

Here are some free resources you’ll find really helpful for reducing monthly fleet costs.

1. 7 Steps for Reducing Costs on Delivery/Service Routes by 40%

This two-page guide discusses best practices for dramatically reducing driving mileage and time spent on route planning. These tips will help fatten the bottom line for any company making local deliveries or service calls.

2. Route Log Form

A simple method to determine current mileage and quickly pinpoint areas for immediate improvement. Use them for 2 weeks and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll see.

Video explaining how to use Route Logs

This short video (11 minutes) explains how to collect and analyze the route logs.

Excel Templates for analyzing Route Log data

Here are both Excel spreadsheets discussed in the video. We use these for client projects to crunch the numbers and put everything into a nice format for review.

3. Route Balancing Case Study

Learn how a three truck company used the techniques in #1 and #2 to reduce overall fleet mileage by 48%. It took less than 90 days with zero complaints from the drivers (more deliveries meant more income for them).