Start the season with perfectly balanced technician routes before servicing a single customer!!!

Mosquito Shield has partnered with MobileIQ to offer an affordable, turn-key route optimization service. Although Real Green optimizes the routes each day, it doesn’t handle the more difficult task of creating balanced routes for all the technicians at the beginning of the season. Balancing the routes will reduce fleet mileage and driving time by 20% (or more!) and allows you to easily handle growth throughout the season.

MobileIQ will turn the order data into geographically clustered routes according to your exact specifications. We take into account customer locations, service territory, service times, available technicians and total routes. Each technician can have the same number of orders with similar route times or you can customize routes for individual technicians. It’s a flexible approach that guarantees optimal routes with little effort.

MobileIQ can export order data from Real Green along with providing data entry services for updating Real Green with the optimized routes. Watch the short video below for more information on this unique service and scroll down to place an order.

Pricing: $100 per technician

How It Works

What You Get

You’ll receive a summary of the optimized routes, Excel file for updating Real Green and a walkthrough tutorial explaining how to review the optimized routes using Headlight Route Planner. Additional services includes exporting the Real Green order data and data entry for updating Real Green with the optimized routes.

Technician Routes Summary

Technician Routes Summary

Technician Routes Export File

Technician Routes Export File

Getting Started

You can either follow the instructions below to create the export files or have MobileIQ take care of it.

  1. Complete the Mosquito Shield Technician Routing order form (below).
  2. Export the order data from Real Green (see video tutorial below).
  3. Email the two export files to MobileIQ for processing.

Orders are typically completed in 24 – 72 hours

Exporting Your Order Data From Real Green

Data Entry Service

MobileIQ can even update Real Green with the optimized routes to free your staff for more important tasks. The additional cost is only $100 per technician (same as creating the optimized routes).


Send an email or call (866) 261-8600 x2 to talk with a route planning expert.

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