Tired of the frustrating hours spent each day using online maps and desktop software? You could buy some specialized “logistics and route management package” that costs more than your dream car. Or simply use the web based Headlight Route Planner™ to make routing orders, deliveries and service calls completely painless.

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Ten things to love about Headlight!!!

  1. Import orders, deliveries and service calls from Excel
  2. Optimize daily routes in seconds with a single click
  3. Plan routes in just minutes each day
  4. Print route books with maps and driving directions
  5. Immediately reduce delivery costs by 20%, 30% or 40%
  6. Efficiently manage any kind of route:
    independent sales rep, service or delivery routes
  7. Throw out those frustrating desktop mapping programs
  8. Quick Start videos for getting started right away
  9. Affordable monthly subscription with long-term contracts
  10. 100% no-risk satisfaction guarantee

Here’s the story behind Headlight...

Date: June 16, 2024
From: Chris Sciora
Subject: Your 100% no-risk invitation to Headlight

Attn: Small Business Owners, Service Managers, Customer Service Managers, Fleet Managers (and everyone else who thinks there MUST be a smarter way to plan routes each day without losing your mind or spending huge amounts on ridiculously expensive routing software!!!)

Designed for small business owners, service managers and individuals.

Big, full-bodied taste, but not a lot of calories. That's Headlight in a nutshell. Instead of packing it chock-full of absolutely pointless features that no one will ever use, we decided smaller is better. Our design process consists of three steps: talk with lots of real people who struggle with route planning every day, get something useful into their hands and (most important) listen to their feedback. Lather, rinse and repeat until it works perfectly. We're still following that design process today.

And that's why Headlight beats the pants off clunky “mapping software”...

Another well-known company sells really popular, low-end desktop mapping products. The category is “business mapping software.” I happen to think those products are terrific for two things: getting data onto a map and analyzing it. That's why they exist.

However, what's missing for route planning is a decent “routing engine”. And integration with billing / accounting systems. And reporting. And a few other must-have features. Unfortunately, the price point means that's the usual stomping grounds for someone stepping up from a manual system. Such people often become our best customers because those products fail miserably at route planning.

Yet Headlight still doesn't cost thousands of dollars...

The original Headlight software sold for $25,000 (!) per license back in the good ol' days. Plus even more money for upgrades, mapping data updates and support agreements. That's the way most software (including expensive routing software) is still sold. It's archaic, it's expensive and leaves small companies at a serious competitive disadvantage. That's where web applications really shine.

Because Headlight became friendly with Web 2.0.

The Headlight Route Planner service is an affordable monthly subscription (“pay-asyou-
go”). You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. It's completely flexible and completely under your control. There are no setup fees, service agreements, early cancellation fees or any of that other nonsense.

Signup for the Headlight Route Planner and see what you think.

That's our story. Thanks for listening!


Chris Sciora, Founder & Route Planning Expert

p.s. Don't forget about our 100% no-risk satisfaction guarantee. We think Headlight is the best route planning application for small business on the entire planet. If you’re not entirely satisfied for any reason within the first 30 days, we’ll either work with you until the problem is resolved or provide a prompt and courteous refund at your request.


The smarter way to plan routes.

Designed for small business owners, service managers and individuals needing to route orders, deliveries and service calls.

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